Alcohol addiction is a serious issue which faces hundreds of people on a daily basis.  In fact, there are many people who live regular lives and manage to hide their addiction for many years.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable that they will be noticed at some point.  After all, one of the signs of alcohol addiction is the reduction in personal hygiene and lack of care for what is happening around them.  At this stage, an alcoholic will need assistance from an alcohol addiction treatment centre.

However, at this stage it is not likely that the addict will be able to choose their own treatment centre.  They may still be struggling to admit they have an issue!  It is, therefore, usually up to the family to find the best possible alcohol addiction treatment center and deal with the enrolment and funding.

There are several important questions to ask before you commit a loved one to an alcohol addiction treatment center:


The first thing to consider when choosing an alcohol addiction treatment center is where they are located.  It is highly likely that the alcoholic will be staying at the clinic and they will probably recommend no visitors at first.  This is to give them time to detox.  Once this stage has passed, you will probably want to visit.  You will need to find an alcohol addiction treatment center close enough to visit easily but far enough away that any of the compatriots will not be able to visit.

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Fees / Finance

The next factor to consider is what the cost is for the alcohol addiction treatment.  There are many different factors involved in this, including length of stay, amount of drugs needed and even the level of counselling required.

The costs can quickly mount up and you will need to assess whether a health insurance policy will pay for it, a government grant, or if there is a suitable payment plan which will allow you to afford the treatment.

Most alcohol addiction treatment centers will assist in every way they can, but they will need the funds at some point!


It is also important to verify the reputation of the selected alcohol addiction treatment center.  This should focus on the level of customer care received and the satisfaction of the patients who have used the clinic in the past.  

This type of information can be easily and anonymously confirmed by visiting online forums and social media sites.

Track record

Finally, it is important to check the track record of the alcohol addiction treatment clinic.  You would expect to see the majority of the patients who arrive leaving without an addiction.  However, perhaps more important is the number of patients that return to the clinic within the space of three or six months.  Whilst this may be influenced by outside pressures, it should cause you concern regarding the long term affects of the treatment centre’s methods.  A good clinic will provide excellent aftercare to support you and the ex-alcoholic.  This can make the difference between return to a life of alcohol or building a new life.