With the ongoing pressures of our professional and personal lives, it is natural to have stress about people and situations. Sometimes people and situations have a bad effect on you. You are then stuck to ‘live with it’ for the rest of your life. Right? Wrong! In psychotherapy, there is a common quote used: “When in doubt, speak it out.” This quote is the basis of some of the most talk effective therapies devised in psychiatry.

Old school modernized:

The world might have long moved from the gramophone to the smartphone. But some of the age-old techniques used in psychotherapy continue to prove effective even today, with some modern upgrades of course! Psychological disorders such as Anxiety, Depression, Panic, and PTSD are the bane of the 21st century. Governments from all over the world have realized the loss of productivity in the workforce suffering from the above. And the figures run into billions of USD, every year. No wonder medical research all over the world is trying hard to crack the code of human mind.

Not Psychiatry but mindfulness:

Old psychological sessions involved the client blabbering on about his/her frustrations to a psychiatrist who is a silent listener! Today the client brings his/her experience to the table; the psychiatrist identifies the loopholes in the thinking of the client by asking the latter to perform several neuroscience-based pieces of training. That’s why psychiatry is now known as mindfulness. Thanks to smartphones, all you need to do today is type ‘mindfulness therapists near me’. Mindfulness therapies help you to find practical solutions. These solutions could be easily incorporated into your hectic life schedule. Havening therapy, Systematic Desensitization, and other such techniques might sound complicated but are actually easy to perform and have shown notable improvement in people to overcome their phobias and fears