A ginseng is a type of perennial plant that belongs to the genus Panax line in the family of Araliaceae. The name ginseng was derived from a chinese word rénshēn (person) shēn (plant root) which refers to the appearance of the ginseng. As you all know by now ginseng is a herbal medicine, it has been used by various countries, cultures, tribes and families to cure various types of illnesses and discomfort for hundreds of years.

It was even noted that the father of medicine (Hippocrates) was using ginseng on his practices of healing. In various cultures its used in so many ways, a plant that is so powerful that even in modern times is still being widely used. What most people don’t know though is that the ginseng that they are commonly used is called a Panax ginseng. It’s actually the same ginseng that is called by various names like Asian ginseng“, “Korean ginseng“, and “Chinese ginseng.

What is Panax Ginseng? Panax ginseng got its name from the Greek word Panax, that means “all heal”. The herb commonly grows in the eastern part of Russia, China and Korea. Its characterized from light yellow to dark brown in color and the length of the root ranges from two to three inches. What made Panax ginseng to be more desirable than American ginseng and Siberian ginseng is because it’s more potent. Ginseng is usually enjoyed as tea but for the people that can’t bear the taste but wants the benefits of it, they settle for the capsule form.

Its benefits: So what does ginseng do anyway? Well the benefits are a ton so you can pretty much get the idea by now why many people and experts have been widely recommending and using ginseng. Its so popular that it’s processed in various preparations like in tea and capsules as a supplement.

  • Panax ginseng increases your energy
  • Panax ginseng improves your stamina
  • Panax ginseng boosts your mental focus
  • Panax ginseng reduces your stress
  • Panax ginseng helps prevent aging
  • Panax ginseng can help make your hair and skin healthy
  • Panax ginseng can help you sleep better
  • Panax ginseng increases your immune system
  • Panax ginseng helps prevent infection
  • Panax ginseng helps treat erectile dysfunction
  • Panax ginseng helps increases appetite
  • Panax ginseng promotes your general well-being

Red kooga korean ginseng? Don’t get confused by the “red kooga” name because its the same as Panax ginseng. Basically red kooga korean ginseng has the same benefits like increased immunity but has mostly been identified as a natures cure for erectile dysfunction.

Panax ginseng is actually a very popular ginseng, the only reason why the term “panax ginseng” wasn’t that popular is because it goes by many names like Asian ginseng“, “Korean ginseng“, and “Chinese ginseng. It’s all the same, the only difference is the term since its named after the place where its native. Undeniably panax ginseng has many benefits, the only problem is that some people can’t take the taste or the smell of it. This is the reason why some companies are processing ginseng in a capsule form.