It is believed that 80% of all Americans experience back pain at one point in their lives. This percentage is higher in some states, and the condition is getting more prevalent as time goes by. Back pain can vary from simple discomfort to a deep chronic pain that requires extensive surgical intervention. It is therefore mandatory to equip yourself with some basic knowledge before you contact adoctor. You may also asking yourself, where can I get back doctors near me? Well,360 Back and Spine Centre is there to help you.

Below are a few crucial things you should know about back pain.

Morning back pain is not cause for alarm

There are times when you would wake up in the morning, and your back is stiff, and any twisting or bending actions feel mildly painful. You don’t need to panic because this can be remedied with a simple exercise and stretch. To fix this kind of back pain, lie on your back and coil your legs so that your knees lie on your chest. Stretch back out and repeat the same five times or a little more depending on the severity of your pain. If the stiffness persists, call any back doctor near your for consultation.

Another illness could cause persistent back pain

You may focus on treating your back not knowing that you are treating a symptom instead of the real issue or ailment. Chronic back pain is a sign of ailments such as arthritis. It is also common to experience back pain as a result of muscle strain and even cancer. Make sure you consult your doctor if the pain persists

Back pain can be prevented through healthy living

Unless brought about by the ailments mentioned above, many types of back related problems can be prevented through healthy living. Some of the most common ways of reducing the prevalence of back pain include:

Cessation of smoking – smoking tobacco cigarettes has been associated with numerous health complications. Apart from lung cancer, smoking can cause throat illness and even back pain. Avoid smoking if you wish to stay healthy

Get adequate rest– many people nowadays work for long hours end up with less than 8 hours of sleep. This pattern repeated for long can cause strain on the spinal cord and eventually manifest as chronic back pain. Adequate sleep and rest are essential in maintaining a healthy back. Also, do not stand or sit for long hours without changing your position

Diet and physical exercise– there are calcium-rich foods that will help strengthen your bones. Eating such food and then hitting the gym or just doing basic physical exercise can help prevent back pain

The back is an essential body part, and great care should be taken not to harm it. If you suffer from chronic back pain feel free to contact consult 360 Back and Spine Centre located in Grapevine, TX