If you are looking for that one bidet that’s perfect for you, then we are here to help you! Here are the three types of bidets that you will surely love.

Traditional Bidet

A traditional bidet is the kind of bidet that has a simple mechanic and easy to use. It is only comprised of a single hose attachment on either side of the toilet seat for you to access and use when the time comes. As for the function, the traditional bidet is simple and stylish with its simple push to “Squirt” action, you are more hands-on with this as you should manually shoot the water directly in your private part and remove the feces with ease.


Easy to use even if you don’t know how to use a bidet

Very hands-on

Has more uses than merely cleaning your bottom


Takes time to master

Messy the first time around

You will have minimal time adjusting to it

Remote-Controlled Bidet

A remote-controlled bidet is as self-explanatory as that. It is a bidet that cleans at the press of a button in a remote control operated bidet. Attached on the back of the toilet seat. The remote-controlled bidet is one of the most expensive version. It is ergonomic, user-friendly and it has a lot of options to choose from. You can switch the settings to your liking whenever you need to, and that is not all. This Bidet has some features included for pregnant woman and older people for maximum comfort despite their situation.


Easy to master (The remote control has pictures to describe further what the button does)

It has some features that consider people’s ailments

Cleaning area can be expanded depending on your gender

Has sterilizing and cleaning features that automatically cleans the nozzle so that you do not have to clean it


It might be a problem if you misplace the remote control

It is expensive

It does not come with remote control batteries

Side Panel Bidets

The side panel bidets offer just as much as the remote-controlled bidets, only it is known to be more sturdy and responsive to its actions. It is because the controls are attached on the side panel of the toilet seat cover, this ensures that your commands or the settings you wish to run would flow through smoothly. By using the side panel, you can control the functions because it also has pictures that signify what the button does.


Easy to install

More sturdy and reliable

Has the same benefits as the remote control, only without the remote

Can be replaced easily without problems


It would be complicated when you are overweight

You can’t see buttons pictures when you are sitting on the throne

It might be a problem if your buttocks accidentally pressed a button.

Apart from these three kinds and designs, there are a lot more that would be coming sometime soon. It is because of the growing demand for bidets that manufacturing companies and even investors continue to innovate. The battle is fierce, and we can expect a fantastic product created in the midst of it all. Learn more here for more information about different types of Bidet toilet.