The vast majority of men dream of having lasting erections to be able to satisfy their partner as much as possible and also a bit of masculine pride. Women also do not say no to longer sex in order to be sure of reaching orgasm. The use of blue chew is essential here. It is the perfect option here.

What are the effective ways to maintain one’s erection?

Maintain your erection by dissociating orgasm and ejaculation

Orgasm is often associated with ejaculation. Yet it is possible for man to dissociate the two. For this, men must internalize their orgasm. This has been practiced for thousands of years in Taoist philosophy, and allows maintaining its erection while increasing the pleasure during the enjoyment.

Retaining ejaculation during orgasm still requires some workout. You do not improvise a Taoist sage at the bend of a fiery hug.

There are certain exercises that are applicable on a daily basis, but the first thing a man needs to be aware of is his whole body so that pleasure can be spread everywhere. The exercises to practice every day will control pubococcygian muscles responsible for erection.

Exercises to maintain your erection

The exercises are simple: In the same way as women and stop-pee, men can also pretend to stop urination to strengthen the perineum. Breathing also plays a key role: the man will have to learn to breathe calmly and as deeply as possible.

  • Then he can train alone caressing and ceasing masturbation when he feels the orgasm approaching. Then by resuming the caresses, he will have to breathe while contracting as much as possible the pubococcygian muscles.
  • During orgasm without ejaculation, it is the prostate that contracts, and the pleasure is spread throughout the body. After this one, it is possible to have a new erection at once.

Maintain your erection thanks to the tantric method

To maintain erection as long as possible, Tantrism is also an effective way. Several methods are possible. The first is to delay as long as possible the moment of penetration by focusing on caresses, massages, melee.

  • This allows you to discover the totality of your senses and concentrate the pleasure elsewhere than simply and only in the penis.

The second tantric method is to delay the orgasm by withdrawing from his partner when it approaches, or by remaining immobile inside her and ceasing any phallic stimulation to start again a few minutes later.

Maintain erection with medication

Sometimes men suffer from erectile dysfunction and these results in erections insufficiently long to allow their pleasure and that of their companion. The causes can be many: excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, stress.

Sometimes, a consultation with the attending physician can find the root cause of the problem, and drug therapy restores lasting erections.

Nobody is safe from a sexual breakdown. Erectile dysfunction, impotence, whatever its name, this sexual disorder affects the well-being of the couple and the confidence of the men concerned. Fortunately, helplessness is not inevitable and solutions exist. It remains to identify the cause to propose the best remedy.

Medications used to fight erectile dysfunction

It is the most popular medicine for the management of erectile dysfunction. It contains sildenafil, a molecule that relaxes the smooth muscles of cavernous bodies. This loosening facilitates blood flow to the penis, making erection easier.