Before a woman even enters menopause, some symptoms are going to start showing themselves. In some cases, this can be months before menopause, and in some cases it can be just a couple of weeks. Either way, it is very important to be aware of these symptoms, as they can be quite important when it comes to diagnosis when you visit your doctor.

You can find a nice list of menopause symptoms provided by Australian Menopause Centre on the internet, but of course, you can also consult with your doctor as soon as you notice that there are some kinds of changes going through your body.

Irregular periods

One of the first giveaways that you are going to enter menopause, is when you notice that your menstrual cycles are not as normal as they usually are. If you notice that the cycles are late for a week or more, that might be the first sign that you are going to enter menopause.

The irregular periods may start years before you actually enter menopause, because even if you don’t have a menstrual cycle for a couple of months, officially, that still doesn’t count as menopause. If you happen to miss a menstrual cycle for twelve months, that is when you can be certain that you have entered menopause.

Consult with your doctor about menopause

Vaginal dryness

Another symptom that you may notice as a very big irregularity, especially if you have regular intercourse with your partner is vaginal dryness. This symptom is quite easy to notice because not only your libido is going to drop, but your vaginal walls are going to be completely dry, making intercourse impossible without any lubricants.

Hot flashes

One of the symptoms that menopause probably cannot go without are hot flashes. This symptom tends to show up quite often during menopause, and it is also present before menopause officially begins as well. It is so common, that it is present in over ninety percent of women who happen to be in perimenopause or menopause.

The symptom of hot flashes is quite easy to identify as you will feel a certain “attack” of heat on your body. This can happen completely at random, but it is most common when there is a change in your body temperature.

Hot flashes are also responsible for the symptom of night sweats, which may cause you to have a lack of sleep, and that can be quite dangerous if you are working on a position that demands serious concentration. If you happen to notice this symptom, you should seek medical advice immediately to avoid discomfort and other dangerous symptoms that follow.

How to treat these symptoms?

There are various solutions to certain symptoms, and most of them involve some kind of lifestyle changes if they display themselves in a mild way. However, if they are more sever, then you should check out the menopause treatment by Australian Menopause Centre, which involves hormone therapy.

Hormone therapy is one of the best ways to prevent your body from having perimenopause as well as menopause symptoms, and you can find out all about it at Australian Menopause Centre – Australian Health and Medical, as well as your local clinic.

Hormone therapy is effective and reliable

Final Word

Keeping menopause symptoms in check is very important, because every woman deservers to have a normal and happy life without any inconvenient situations where her own body is fighting against her. Therefore, seek medical advice as soon as you notice some of the symptoms to prevent them as quickly as possible.