Those who are considering rhinoplasty, which is more commonly known as a nose job, may wonder when to schedule the surgery. While the exact time frame may vary from person to person, most nose job procedures are done in the fall and early spring months. The person who wants a nose job should also invest time learning about the procedure and knowing what to expect as well as choosing an experienced surgeon.

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Consider Recovery Time

Most nose jobs take from one to three hours to complete and require the patient to be sedated, which means someone will need to drive the patient home afterwards. Bruising and swelling are common and will resolve within five to 10 days. Total healing time is variable, as it depends on the way the nose job was done. How quickly the body heals is connected to lifestyle and diet, and making the right food and supplement choices will speed up the recovery process.

Check the Calendar

Setting aside a three-month period of time where social events will be limited is the best approach to scheduling a nose job. Winter is the holiday season, and summer is wedding season, making both times inconvenient for surgery. Fall and early spring provide space and time for the body to recover out of direct sunlight, which is important while nose tissue heals. This also ensures the new nose will look perfect for holidays or wedding picture sessions.

Plan Carefully

If a person wants a nose job for a specific event, there should be a time allowance of a few months to allow for healing and taking care of any possible complications. Photos are forever, especially in the digital age, and a person should always look their best in them and feel pride in what they see.

Be Certain

Having cosmetic surgery is a serious decision, and it should not be done on a whim or simply to be popular. The person needs to be certain about wanting the change and should be realistic about the end result. The reflection that looks back from the mirror should be one the person is happy to see, as it will be permanent.