Acquaintance with the results of statistical research acts much more than a review of the most horrible “horror” or a report on the economic crisis. No Freddie Krueger and articles about illiquidity of bank assets can scare as a mere fact: in 1999, more than 150 million men in the world suffered from erectile dysfunction, and by 2019 their number is expected to increase to 322 million.

From Freddie Krueger to get rid of simply, you just have to turn off the TV. An economic crisis can be experienced. But try to survive erectile dysfunction, and you will find it easier to sit all your life in bread and water than to suffer from such a pathology.

A man makes a woman – a different phrase, which suggests that, along with a real lady, even a recidivist becomes a gentleman. But there is another meaning: if a man cannot live a full-fledged sexual life, then he ceases to feel like a husband. This is stress, psychological pathology, emotional and physical dissatisfaction (as in anecdote: who is an impotent? – It’s the one who wants, but cannot). There is no need to speak about joy in life. What joy here is, if a man thinks horror every day, that’s when the time will come, and he will be catastrophically failing. Even worse, if he does not doubt his failure, and confident in it.

Men dreamed of medication. Everything is right, once erectile dysfunction – a disease, then there should be a tablet that heals it. An ideal pill should satisfy the following conditions:

  • reliability of action;
  • no side effects;
  • maximum security;
  • possibility of application with other drugs (especially for men of retirement age);
  • action as needed;
  • reasonable price, and it would be better to have a present at all.

Viagra gave husbands hope, Viagra began to bring to life those who have long been disappointed with the fact that there is happiness and justice in the world. Viagra was the first swallow. It has certain limitations in action, it cannot be taken with a number of medications, it acts independently of sexual stimulation.

There is no limit to perfection, especially when it comes to such important things for men as erectile dysfunction. Viagra proved – medical treatment of erectile dysfunction is possible. And after the first swallow on the horizon appeared shoals of birds. Levitra is one such bird.

Levitra is a “child” of two parents: the English company “GlaxoSmithKline” and the German “Baer AG”. The child, I must admit, turned out to be talented and promising. Specialists argue that Levitra is more effective than Viagra: 62% of patients who did not help Viagra got rid of erectile dysfunction with Levitra. The activity of Levitra is 10 times higher than that of Viagra, and 13 times higher than that of Cialis.

Levitra’s action is similar to the action of Viagra: it increases the blood flow in the cavernous body of the penis. But if Viagra works regardless of the immediate need, that is, taking the pill and raising the bloodstream itself, then Levitra requires sexual stimulation. In fact, the result of receiving Levitra helps natural sexual intercourse: the man is excited and comes to a “state of combat” not because he took the pill, but because of the stimulation by the woman.

The duration of the drug – from four to twelve hours. During this time, you can roll a happy woman to a woman and beat himself to such a state that the legs will not be held, not the other part of the body.

Levitra begins from 15 to 60 minutes after taking – depending on the individual characteristics of the body.

It is very convenient that the drug can be taken regardless of eating and drinking. From Levitra, a romantic evening is possible: dinner with candles and champagne (incidentally, champagne is a very effective aphrodisiac for women). That’s just not recommended for oily food – it increases the time to start the drug. True, a romantic dinner with a piece of fat – nonsense.

Side effects to ridiculous are rare (less than 2%), the product contains no hormones and does not addicts.

To sum up, it can be argued that Levitra’s approach to the dreams of men about the perfect magic pill helps her to become more courageous and happier, and to continue her courage to a very old age.