IGF – 1 formula totally defers from steroids, as it is derived from natural compounds. This supplement is extracted from Human Growth Hormone, which is formed by pituitary gland present in human body.

This naturally composed medicine is mostly preferred by body builders and fitness seekers, as it is effective as well as promises to have negligible side effects. It aids in anabolic growth of muscle tissue within three weeks. In simple terms, it promotes synthesis of protein cellular development.

The other benefits of having IGF -1 dosages:

  • Improves metabolism rate of the user.
  • Aids in enhancing body stamina, and hence highly preferred by athletes.
  • It reduces body fat, and retains the muscle mass gained while taking powerful steroid stack.
  • Helps in boosting the proportions of testosterone level in body.

Combining IGF – 1 with other less powerful anabolic drugs will ensure a safe use as well as the effects can be seen within a few weeks of injecting the peptide IGF-1.

Unfortunately the liquid solution of the drug can’t be bought legally in many countries. As the medicine is highly potent, and the misusage of this drug will result in various side effects.

Overdose and consuming poor quality product will surely lead to permanent health issues. This can be easily avoided by buying legally sold health boosting products like IGF-1 spray highly acclaimed to enhance HGH proportions in its consumer’s body.

Know more about IGF – 1 spray:

This highly effective spray is composed from the extract of deer and elk antlers. The product composed of naturally available components is often used to develop muscles as well as to reduce pains and even to lessen strains in joints.

While doing strenuous exercises spraying IGF – 1 regularly will help in making the muscles grow fast and rapidly increase the endurance strength. As it is only spraying fluid soloution, there are negligible chances of it affecting your general health.

This ancient drug is a well known remedy for any kind of pains and even known to enhance sexual potency. Since ages people used it as distressing remedy as well as cure to lessen the pain of physical injuries. As it is listed as safe med, you can buy it in retail pharmaceutical counters in worldwide market.

Try to follow the listed instructions on the stack as well as consult your doctor before starting to take IGF – 1 dosages to be safe from misusing the health product.