Coleus forskolii supplement is derived from one of the plant species known as Coleus plant native to the Asian country. Coleus forskohlii is believed to have provided many health benefits to their users, especially the forskolin form.

Forskolin acts a stimulant in the cAMP or cyclic adenosine monophosphate.  Forskolin helps in the breaking down of fat thereby resulting in the loss of fat in our body. More information about coleus forskohlii and Indian Coleus, please visit online sites and know all the benefits, dosage and side effects of using this product.

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Benefits of enhancing the cAMP function of our body include:

  • The blood pressure of our body is lowered as a result of its effect of relaxing the blood vessel wall.
  • The inflammatory process and inflammatory reaction is reduced and thus the bronchioles dilation is improved which results in the improvement of our lung function, particularly for those patients diagnosed with asthma.
  • The contraction ability of our heart muscle is improved thereby increasing the cardiac function efficiency and also the blood pressure.
  • It is also believed that forskolin can relieve temporarily the intraocular eye pressure which can result in Glaucoma condition.
  • The supplement of forskolin has also been used for skin treatments like that of psoriasis and eczema.
  • It is also used by many to relieve irritable bowel syndrome, bladder and urinary tract infections etc.
  • Adenylate cylase activation is promoted by the forskolin extract which results in the improvement of the cAMP of the tissues and cells of the human body. cAMP acts as a messenger that regulates a number of our body’s physiological processes.
  • Forskolin has also been used for treating heart conditions such as congestive failure of heart and idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy. This supplement is also used for the treatment of respiratory conditions like asthma and bronchospasms.

The recommended dosage will depend on the overall wellness and health condition, the age of the user and its delivery form. The normal and safe dosage of a fluid extract of the coleus forskohlii is between 6ml-12ml daily while for standardized extract, 2ml-4ml twice or thrice daily is a safe dosage. The supplement is safer for a short term.

 You should refer to your doctor or pharmacy expert in regard to the use of various forms of coleus forskohlii, for it comes in various forms like capsule, powder, drops or inhalers. Always choose a good brand that contains pure coleus forskohlii product for your optimal results.