Hair transplantation is the permanent solution for baldness. Today, about more than 60{c8d99680d3b6a8b9219d933a7a0a91497b2ecfc1f13ba92a910cb64bf0290bdf} men and 10{c8d99680d3b6a8b9219d933a7a0a91497b2ecfc1f13ba92a910cb64bf0290bdf} women are suffering from baldness at very young age. This is a surgical process in which hair roots from donor area are transferred to the recipient portion of the scalp where the baldness is predominant.

What is hairline?

Now, the well experienced surgeon will always take care of the hairline design. The junction where our forehead meets the hair is called hairline. Your natural look is very much dependent upon how the hairline is designed during the transplantation procedure.Improper design of hairline may disturb your appearance and thus your self-confidence and personality will be hampered.

Due to surgeon’s negligence, hair transplantation can cause poor unnatural hairline. Thus, it is extremely important to create a natural looking hairline during surgery. Otherwise, it will result in an embarrassing “pluggy’ look.

Important steps to be followed for hairline design:

By following some simple steps during surgery, you may get a natural looking hairline after hair transplantation-

  • Planning and consultation

Always draw your hairline with proper consultation with a surgeon. Also, make sure that highly trained technicians are involved during the surgery.Always be cautious while planting your hairline. It should not be too close to eyebrows or too distant from it. Generally, a rule of third is followed. Distance from the hairline to the eyebrows is kept equal to the distance from eyebrow to the bottom of the nose. This distance is almost equal to the distance from bottom of the nose to chin. Your transplant will look unnatural if this rule of one third is not maintained properly.

  • No straight lines

Many surgeons have an inclination towards placing the grafts in the straight hairline. Don’t go for it as nature does not provide us a straight one. The appearance should not be like that it has been drawn with a ruler.Always remember that surgeon’s ability will reflect in creating a natural looking hairline for the patient by blending of art with this scientific process.

  • Feathering zone

Don’t graft large size follicular units with four or five hairs at your hairline zone. Naturally, follicular units at hairline zone consist of only one or two hairs. Our eye expects a thicker hair beyond hairline.

  • Direction of planting

An experienced surgeon can always change angle, spacing, and depth of transplanted hair. Thus, he can adjust your hairline in most appropriate one to get the natural look.

Key features to be considered for hairline design:

To have a nice aesthetic natural look after hair transplantation, the following matters should be taken into consideration-

  • Experienced surgeon

Always consult an experienced surgeon. This surgery needs good skill and sense of aesthetics. A surgeon should consider the patient’s age while grafting new hairs. We all have hair loss problem with growing age. For example, if you a middle-aged person going for transplantation, you should not end up with a hairline as it was during your childhood. The hairline should look similar to a middle-aged person who is not having balding.  

  • Highly trained Technician team

Be sure that while operating your surgeon is well equipped with highly trained technician team. Success of a surgery is very much dependent on the associated technicians of the surgeons.

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So always be specific about your hairline while hair transplantation as it the most delicate process of your surgery. A bad hairline will result in another surgery which will be a wastage of money. Your hairline will determine your look after surgery and that will decide the index of your satisfaction. A well thought out and planned hairline will always judge your investment.