Having a baby is a beautiful experience but your body and routine do go through a major shift during this time. It’s one thing to be pregnant but nothing can quite describe the feeling of your baby finally arriving and how miraculous it is.

Every stage of motherhood is different and for a few months, all you will be doing is learning how to care for your new bundle of joy. Eventually, your focus will shift back to you and you will start to think about how much your body has changed.

Your body has been through some significant changes in order to bring life into the world and you’re probably wishing that you could’ve gone through the experience without the stretch marks and sagging.

The Mommy Makeover Answer

While there’s no quick fix to getting your pre-pregnancy body back, there is the mommy makeover.

This unique procedure is designed to correct all those wobbly bits in order to restore your body’s best features. In fact, you may actually end up being happier with your body than ever before.

When consulting with your plastic surgeon (https://formandface.com.au/blog/breast-augmentation-sydney-whos-best-plastic-surgeon), you will be asked about the areas of your body that you would like to improve. Your surgeon will then perform a physical examination to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for the procedures you’re interested in.

While a mommy makeover can help you restore your firm figure, it can also address another issue: loss of self. Too many women end up putting their role as a mother above all else, including their own needs. They spend so much time focusing on their children that they often forget to care for themselves.

Mommy makeovers give you the chance to restore that sense of self and feel like the attractive and sensual woman that you are. Mommy makeovers allow you to shift your focus back to your womanhood while still being a supermom.

Recovering from a Mommy Makeover

Another great benefit of a mommy makeover is that you get the chance to take a much-needed break. During your recovery period, you’ll finally be able to relax while someone else takes care of childcare and your usual tasks around the house.

You deserve a little pampering and this is the perfect chance to take full advantage. Know that it’s ok to lean on family and friends during this time and they do want to help you.

With that being said, your recovery won’t be all smooth sailing and your surgeon will take you through what you can expect based on the procedures you have chosen.

Images in the media, the psychological impact of raising children and the loss of self-esteem after having a baby are all things that moms have to deal with – it certainly does start taking its toll. While it’s not possible to address all of the factors that come with being a mom, taking the time to restore your best features will bring you one step closer to feeling like your beautiful self again.