Nowadays, the average human life is decreased from 120years to 60 years. And there is also the fact that not many people live up to 60 years. It is only because of the poor health condition that most people are suffering. In old days people used to live at least 80 to 90 years. But nothing has changed people can’t live to even 70 years. That is very wrong with all the human that is living on the earth. But nobody has asked the question of why this happened. It happened because now people stick to their chairs in offices or homes. They don’t go out and play like the old times.

Even the children following their parents. They are also busy with mobile and laptops. Most people and children have been addicted to mobile and the internet. That they forget there is an outer world that is very lovely. And, they should go there and enjoy it. Only then their health can become better. So, that at the age of 40 they don’t need to go to doctor’s clinic every day. Just a little outdoor exercise is enough to improve the health condition. So, go out and improve health.


Indoor gyms are not that effective

For better health, a lot of people join the indoor gym. But it is scientifically proven that indoor gyms are not that effective as the outdoor gyms. It doesn’t mean that people should avoid going to indoor gym. If someone doesn’t want to go to outdoor gym then they should go to indoor gym. But at least go there so that the health will be in good position.

Consider outdoor gyms for better progress

Considering outdoor gyms will be very beneficial for anyone. Because in outdoor fitness improves very well. And, in indoor gym people work out in ac and with treadmill and others. But this is not the case in outdoor gyms. People workout under the sun with fresh air. That will eventually increase the health of any person. That is why many doctors recommend going to outdoor gyms or run in the park or anywhere. Because this will improve health more than any indoor gyms.

Gyms can be very helpful

There are lots of exercises that many people don’t know. But while attending the gym people get to know those exercises. Because there is a trainer that will help the person to work on their body. And, a person doesn’t have that much knowledge as the gym trainer has about the body. So, it is better to work out under their guidance. Only then the health will increase otherwise not.


Follow the guidance of the instructor

In outdoor and indoor both the gyms have a trainer. So, people can ask about the exercises and everything. That will eventually help the person in order to get proper fitness. A person just needs to follow the guidance of the instructor. So, there will not be any injury that happens to the body. and, also the health will increase day by day. This will only happen when a person follows all the advice of their trainer.

Don’t just pay the fees to go there also

Many people just pay the fees for their gym. But never attended the gym in their life. Don’t become one of them. If someone pays the fees of gym membership then go there too. only then one can see the difference in their health. Otherwise, it is just a waste of money. So, rather than wasting it at least get some pizza.