Finding an eye doctor is just very essential, just like selecting a physician to check your overall heath. After all, your precious sense of sight needs to be entrusted to a reliable eye doctor. Basically, the first thing you need to do when making the decision of choosing the right eye care is to develop a sensitive understanding of the two types of eye doctors, ophthalmologists and optometrists.


The first type is ophthalmologist. Ophthalmologist is either an osteopathic doctor or medical doctor who specializes in taking care of eye and vision. Ophthalmologists are highly trained to perform examinations and perform different diagnosis, eye exams, medications and eye surgeries. Also, lower eyelid surgeon in Sydney provides prescriptions for contact lenses and eyeglasses, you can click here for more information.


Just like ophthalmologists, an optometrist is also specialized in eye care with a degree of Doctor of Optometry. These experts are focused on examining eye vision along with other health problems. Also, they are the ones who deal with refractive surgeries by means of prescribing eyeglasses and specialized contact lenses. They are also adept when it comes to treating low vision as well as vision therapy.

Optometrists in Australia also are licensed to give prescriptions as well as treat certain eye problems and other related diseases. The coverage of the medical care services that are carried out by optometrists is determined by the state law. As a rule of thumb, eye care professionals need to adhere to the regulations when it comes to undertaking any eye procedures especially eye surgeries. In connection to this, the educational requirements of optometrists are similar to those of a dentist.

Additionally, optometrists are also required to carry out continuing education requirements on an ongoing basis in order to maintain licensure and keep themselves abreast with the latest standards when it comes to eye care.

Optometrists and ophthalmologists are both trained to perform specialized routine eye exams and any types of eye doctors in order to detect, diagnose and treat eye diseases whether by means of medical or non-medical treatment.


Do take note that optician is not actually an eye doctor. However, they are very important part of your eye care team. They are dedicated to do prescriptions written by either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist in order to fit and sell eyeglasses as well as other eyewear.

There are also some states where in opticians need to undergo opticianry training program in order to gain licensure. However, some states don’t require them to gain formal training sessions or licensure. Some opticians are assigned to fit contact lenses, ideally after completing a particular certification program.

How to choose the right eye care

In choosing your eye specialist, you need to examine their experience and credentials as doctor. Make sure that they offer the services that you actually need. In addition, many patients with eye conditions find their doctor through referrals from those who have been through actual upper eyelid surgery recovery time. Most importantly, choose one that offers reasonable rates, though you should never stick to too cheap eye care specialist as there might be some problems that may arise in terms of quality. Indeed, there are many ways to find your eye specialist, you just need time and a bit of effort.

Now, it’s easier for you to choose the right care. All it takes is to follow the suggestions and visit Dr Naveen Somia website now!