There is a lot of money to be saved by switching from cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. Chain smokers spend an incredible amount of money on cigarettes, especially if they smoke premium brands. When you multiple the cost of a pack of cigarettes by the number of packs smoked a month, it often amounts to a mortgage payment! Compare this to vaping, where your initial outlay for the equipment is your most significant expense but that equipment will last you for a while.

How much you spend on your electronic cigarette depends a lot on the brand, the quality and the features. But for first time vapers, starting out with the basic kit and working your way up to the more complicated gadgets is the best way to approach it. Basic kits are generally not all that expensive. On top of your kit, you’ll need to purchase flavour vapor or e-juices. These are available both at bricks and mortar shops as well as through online vape shops in Florida and elsewhere. As the technology behind vaping equipment advances, this will bring prices down as well.

Use Nicotine Flavor Vapor To Help Cut Down Your Addiction

The other thing that influences how much you’ll spend on vaping is how often you vape (obviously). If you’re a heavy smoker you’ll be a heavy vaper, at least to start off with. You may be able to cut back as your dependence on nicotine drops. For your pocket, and your overall health, this is not a bad goal to have in mind.

Vaping is also safer than smoking. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of fires started by cigarettes every year. From the person who smokes in bed and nods off with a lit cigarette in their hand to the careless and criminal individual who flicks lit butts out their car window whilst they’re driving and starts major bush fires! Cigarette lighters are also dangerous and need to be kept away from small children. Cigarettes can also burn holes in clothing, carpet and furniture as well as cause nasty burns on people.

Vaping on the other hand is nowhere near as dangerous if you follow instructions with respect to safe equipment use. It truly is the green smoke alternative to hazardous smoking. These days smokers are also treated like social lepers. There are laws in most countries around where smokers can and can’t light up. They can’t smoke in public places, on public transport, in enclosed areas, in the work place, where food is being prepared or eaten and so on. The list is endless. Essentially, if someone else can be affected by you smoking, you’re not allowed to smoke there.

So probably one of the best things you can do for yourself is quitting! And taking up vaping instead if you can’t quit cold turkey. Your health, your pocket, your family and your friends will all thank you for doing so!

Can Online Vape Shops In Florida Offer Assistance?

If you need help and advice about vaping, why not talk to a health professional. Vape shop staff can also be of great assistance to you but you should always bear in mind that they are not trained professionals. Whilst they may know their way around vaping equipment, their advice is often anecdotal and may not be backed up by cold hard facts.