Not using coupons when you are doing your shopping might cost you more than you think. Extreme couponing may not be as popular the way it was during the financial crisis, but it is still useful for people who want to save some money or people who don’t have money at all. But engaging in extreme couponing is not a simple work. You need to do some serious work and spend a lot of time to make a strategy if you want to save serious money. There are some secret ways to cut your shopping costs using extreme couponing.

Combining offers and coupon

To those people who are very serious about coupons, combining coupons and store offers is a very obvious strategy. It will be your linchpin to being a good couponer. If you see how serious coupon users do it, you will realize how important this strategy is. For example, Black Friday is the most significant sale event of the year. Imagine if you have a $10 Nootropics Depot coupon for a bottle of supplement worth $20, and since the store wants to get rid of all their products after the Black Friday sale, they will offer it to the public for half the price, that’s a $10 off, and since you have a $10 coupon, the supplement will be free. Imagine the money you will save if you have coupons for everything, with that kind of deal, and you will get your grocery for almost free. Combining coupons and store sale is what extreme couponing is all about, finding the best deal and taking advantage of that. Extreme couponing is combining coupons with store sales and rebates, then buying at least six months’ worth of groceries using the coupons and the store offer all at once. You have to buy the items when they hit the lowest possible price point.

Always check if the store accepts coupons, you don’t want to get embarrassed, getting at least five carts full of groceries and you don’t have the money to pay for it. It might be a simple advice, but trust me, some stores don’t accept coupons. Discount stores like Target or Wallmart are an example of stores who accept coupons. If you are new at couponing, the best way to learn is to start with something small, start with small stores like Dollar Tree. Don’t get too excited and start shopping at big retail outlets like Wallmart. Each store has specific rules regarding coupons, and you need to study them and know their secrets to be successful. The best way to learn about store rules and policy is to print out a copy of their policies about couponing. You need to have proof in case something goes wrong. Many store attendants and managers don’t know anything about their store policies on coupons. By having a printout, you can back up your claims about coupon stacking. You also have to pay attention to the prices you are paying or the real costs of the product. You have to make sure you are getting a good deal. There’s a big difference between getting a reasonable price and getting an excellent price. Calculate everything you will save if you buy a year’s worth of grocery. Make a list of everything you want to buy to make sure you get all of them in one trip.

Another suggestion is to look for rare coupons. There are specific products like dairy, meat or fresh produce that rarely goes on sale or have coupons on them. But that does not mean that you will stop looking for a chance to get coupons or store sale on those products. You have to dig deeper and find anything on the internet. Some websites are gold mines when it comes to couponing.

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Look for discounts and deals

Discounts and deals are much easier to find than coupons. If you only have your sites on coupons, you will miss out on something big with special deals and discounts significant stores give out especially for the holiday season. No matter how big or small you get from discounts or coupons, at the end of the day, what matter is the money you save. Extreme couponing is hard to master bat if you get the hang of it, it is as easy as one, two, three.