It is embarrassing for most men to suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is quite common for older men, but it could happen to anyone. Although there are medical reasons why men have this problem, it could also be psychological. Therefore, it is crucial for you to address the underlying problem behind the issue.

Sexual dissatisfaction 

One of the reasons why you end up with this problem is that you do not seem satisfied with your sexual partner. Perhaps, you need to spruce up your sexual activities if you want to feel satisfied. The lack of spark in bed might prevent you from getting into it.

Lack of love

Another reason is that you might not see your partner as you did before. The lack of love in the relationship could hinder you from having a full erection. It is crucial that you address this concern and talk about what you need to do to improve your relationship; otherwise, you will always feel this way in bed. You might also have other relationship issues that you are yet to discuss. Settle those problems before you try having sex again.


For some men, the size of their penis is a significant concern. They feel that their genitals are not large enough to satisfy their partner. You could also feel this way, and it prevents you from getting excited in bed. Be honest about how you feel with your partner. It might be a big deal for you, but your partner might not view it the same way. Penis size is only one of the insecurities you might face.

Another problem is that you cannot help but compare yourself with the ex-boyfriend of your partner. You always think about how less of a man you are, compared to him. Again, it could only be an issue for you, but not for your partner. Therefore, it is essential that you discuss these insecurities.

Nature of work

Sexual intercourse requires physical strength and stamina. If you are too exhausted because of work, it is difficult for you to have a full erection. Therefore, it is crucial that you address your work issue first if it affects your sexual relationship with your partner. Inform your boss that you cannot take the burden of your job. You might have to request a different position or leave your work in search of a less demanding job.

Do not feel ashamed

You might feel terrible about having erectile dysfunction, and you prefer to shrug it off. You would rather not have sex than face this issue ever again. However, you need to understand the strength of a sexual relationship is crucial. If you do not address this problem soon, it might lead to the end of your relationship. It could even affect your future relationships.

If you need medical help, you can consider erectile dysfunction treatment by Harley St MD. With the help of medical experts, you can overcome this challenge.