Stacker 3 contains the fat blocking ingredients such as aspirin, caffeine, and chitosan. It is manufactured by NVH Pharmaceuticals and it has thermogenic fat burning properties that can enhance your weight loss results by enhancing metabolism and fat burning together with proper diet and exercise. It has chitosan, obtained from shellfish that helps to block fats by not allowing the fats to get absorbed into your body in the form of calories. It is perfect for the person who finds it difficult to avoid fatty foods. Caffeine and Aspirin are the stimulants that boost metabolism and makes the fat-burning process a quicker one.

Stacker-3 is an Ephedra-free supplement similar to the Stacker-2 product. Within 10-20 minutes of taking this supplement, it gives a feeling of mental acuity and alertness. Initially, the users may feel a slight jittery but if used on a continuous basis, this symptom subsides. It promotes metabolism and prevents the breaking down of unwanted fats into calories. It no longer contains ephedra but the effects of the medication remain unchanged. From the very first dose, the fat-burning effects of this supplement are visible. After the completion of the first week, notable differences can be visible. However, notable visible changes such as waist size reduction get noticed after a little longer time.

Ingredients in Stacker-3

Stacker-3 promotes thermogenic effects and burns excess fats of the body through mobilization of lipids. It has the ingredients that can enhance production of energy in the body and can also raise the temperature of the body. It shuts down the receptors present on the external portion of the fat cells that stores fat. This way, the fats get released from the cells and from there, it goes to the bloodstream and this way, the body burns fat like energy. Originally, the supplement had aspirin, caffeine, and ephedrine. They functioned through increased metabolism and caused the body to lose fat.

The current Stack-3 contains Chitosan that functions by obstructing the body from fat absorption that is found in the foods. The ingredients in the current supplement include “see that you eat”. In this present supplement, the ingredients include grapefruit extract, cactus plant extracts, the bark of the white willow plant, and chitosan from shellfish. It also contains caffeine. Manufacturers claim that this product has the ability to burn fat, increase mental focus, stamina, and the ability to store body fat. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before taking this supplement.

Dosage recommendations

The dosage recommendation for the Stack-3 supplement is three pills daily. It should be taken during each meal but if it is taken just before your bedtime, it will be difficult to get proper sleep because the supplement contains caffeine. People who have taken this drug have reported noticeable physical results within 2-3 weeks’ time but, the energy boosts and the mental alertness can be noticed immediately. Weightlifters are well aware of the caffeine and aspirin effects and have witnessed a rise in metabolic rates very quickly. Stack-3 is an Ephedra-free supplement so chances of side effects are very low and all these factors have made it a popular diet pill available in the market these days.