Cool Sculpting and Liposuction are two of the most common procedures to remove unwanted fat deposits from your chin. Both of the procedures are designed to achieve a similar goal: Get rid of double chin. However, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for you. Usually, it depends upon your case specifications and circumstances.

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Cool Sculpting Cool Mini

The popularity of Cool Sculpting in the cosmetic industry has significantly risen over the past few years and it has cemented its place as one of the most popular non-invasive body cosmetic practices available in the market. In the beginning, this procedure was only available for large trouble spots like belly fat, love handles, thighs, etc., however, the new Cool Sculpting Cool Mini allows to “freeze the fat” from small areas of your body as well.

How is it performed?

Basically, the Cool Sculpting uses a patented process called Cryolipolysis, which precisely cools fat cells from outside of the chin, without damaging the tissues, and eliminate them in order to provide a contoured jawline. The process is completely non-invasive, therefore, there is no incisions or injections required during the treatment.

The process is fairly simple. An applicator head is applied on the skin of the target area of skin, which delivers intense cold into the tissue. It only targets fat cells so other cells remain unaffected during the treatment. The body flushed out dead cells through natural metabolic processes in few days.

The unique design of Cool Mini allows it to fit perfectly between small areas where fat is accumulated, for instance under the chin, around knees, etc. The entire procedure is completed in an hour or even lesser amount of time. Moreover, the recovery time is also very quick as most of the patients can easily return home or work after the procedure is complete.

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  • Cool Sculpting is comparatively cheaper.
  • Cool Sculpting has fast recovery time.
  • Cool Sculpting is a painless procedure.
  • Cool Sculpting side effects are minimal.


  • May require multiple sessions to get intended results.

Neck Liposuction

Surprisingly, most people think that liposuction is only performed to reduce tummy or hip fat, but what they do not know is that it is also a very effective method to eliminate the stubborn neck fat for people who want to get rid of their double chin and want their jawline to look more defined. It is a one-time procedure that provides a more effectual result. However, unlike CoolSculpting Min Cool, the recovery time of liposuction is quite high as it is an invasive procedure.

How is it performed?

A patient must spend a day at a surgery center for the procedure. Firstly, a local or general anesthesia is provided, after which the plastic surgeon inserts a cannula to suck away the fatty deposits from the targeted area of the body. There are many choices of specific liposuction technique that can be utilized. For instance, the laser liposuction is also available, which is an equally popular technique when treating the chin.


  • Provide more extensive result.
  • One-time procedure.


  • The liposuction treatment is more expensive, and generally, cost thousands of dollars.
  • The downtime and recovery period of liposuction are greater.
  • Liposuction is an invasive procedure, that means higher risks are associated with the treatment.

The final word

In conclusion, both of the cosmetic procedures make an excellent option to get rid of your double chin. They both come with various advantages and disadvantages, Therefore, you must consult an experience laser clinic and certified surgeon and discuss each option to see what suits you the best according to your condition and circumstances.