Cravings are a casual part of your addiction. Irrespective of the fact, you have used the used the drugs for a week or a month, crave for drugs doesn’t just vanishes over it. Urges are relentless and they look for your weakest point to convince you that you really don’t want to change your effort. Drug cravings can lead to a relapse if you don’t handle it well.

Here are ways to stop crave for drugs:

  1. Self-talk: Whenever you have a craving, resist the cravings by talking yourself out of it by giving yourself reason and logic. Sometimes craving can be myopic and makes you ignore the big picture outside the instant moment. You can make a list before time and keep it handy to mug it u whenever drug craving occurs. The list should have all the reasons you have chosen to give up drugs in the first place and showcase all the negative consequences which can occur if you choose to do.
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: It offers plethora of techniques to cope with your drug cravings when it occurs. It comprises of redirection, distraction and visualization. So, when you have a craving, you should select to put your attention to something else and get rid of your craving till the time it passes out.

CBT techniques allow you to mark cognitive problems in your thinking. It helps you de-catasrophize the issue and view it in a more objective manner.

  1. Have a hobby: Hobbies aren’t just to build your character but they give you happiness and offer a great means to distract your drug craving. Often craving arises because of boredom as mind looks out for ways to fill an empty space. A hobby offers you the time ass to engage in other thing other drug use.
  2. Accept the urge: rather than trying to stop your cravings, accept it. It is regarded as a mindful strategy to accept your craving for what it is and rather than doing efforts to let it go.
  3. Self-care: Opting for self-care like living a healthy life, exercising punctually can help you enhance emotional and physical health and well-being. It will make you resilient to deny your craving.
  4. Acknowledge your cravings: At the time of recovery, some people, places will make you want to consume drugs. Know what your triggers are and try to avoid it as much as possible.
  5. Get it of bad memories: Several therapists help in treating cravings by removing and consolidating memories which are linked to drug use. If you get rid of these memories, you will have fewer cravings.

If you have crave for drug [ลงแดง, which is the term in Thai], then you should join a support group and talk to other people recovering with you. They will support with different types of recovery programs and counseling sessions to get rid of your urge. They will talk you out of it and help you in every possible way.