In 1940s and 50s Soviet Union was winning over United States in Olympics, Dr. John Zeigler made a lot of effort to find the reason for their success. With the assistance of Ciba Pharmaceuticals, in 1958, overnight they came up with a compound named, Methandrostenolone which was introduced under the name of Dianabol. This steroid was made only for uplifting performances of US players. Results were outstanding when US started winning medals in most of the games.

However, we had here FDA who disapproved the usage of D-Bal in sports. They put Ciba under pressure to prove that it had certain medical benefits. Then Ciba introduced D-Bal to treat some medical conditions such as –

  • Osteoporosis
  • Pituitary dwarfism
  • Post menopause syndrome

However, FDA was not convinced and ordered Ciba to pull out D-Bal from the market. Ciba tried its best to prove the benefits, but finally in 1983, D-Bal was discontinued. After this, all the brands that contained Methandrostenolone were pulled out completely from the market due to strict rules from FDA.

Now, D-Bal is manufactured around the world except in the United States and UK. There are many websites that advertise shipping to the UK. However, if you think you can get it from other countries then you’re mistaken because when you plan to get it from other countries, they will not supply it to you unless you have a permit. Customs would stop your parcel for further investigation.

In UK, it is underground labs that sell D-Bal openly. For a UK citizen, this is the only way to get handful of D-Bal. Underground labs are some kind of black market where you can find a person selling D-Bal in their garage or basement.

The biggest advantage of buying through underground lab is that you get it at a cheaper price in comparison to pharmaceuticals.

However, when you go for cheap price you may have to compromise on other things. Nobody can assure you about the quality or purity of the substance. Since there is no quality check therefore determining its capability is difficult.

So now it is up to you whether you want to save money or want good quality D-Bal.

Finding D-Bal in Russia and Ukraine isn’t difficult but it is available under different name.

If you’re looking for good quality then you need to have a medical prescription from your doctor to get it from a store in UK. However, it is not sold under the brand name of Dianabol, but it is available as Anabol