Anavar is a coveted performance enhancer in the bodybuilding fraternity. Many users buy it around the world. It is really a tough job to find out the real Anavar pills because of its huge popularity. So, the users are quite exposed to many fake products around them. However, it is difficult to get real Anavar pills without prescription nowadays. Currently, Anavar is legally available only with the aid of prescription in the United States of America. The food and drug administration approved pharmaceutical grade Oxandrolone Anavar which is designed for human consumption. Because of its high demand, it is difficult to get the original Anavar anywhere, even through online.

Original Anavar possesses many same properties as testosterone but is a safe alternative. Anavar is available in pill, gel, injection forms. It is one of the safest anabolic androgenic supplements in the sports market. It also contains fewer side effects as other AAS but can be fatal when overdosed. Most of the times, the signs of fake Anavar pills may not be experienced and it might mimic as real Anavar. When it comes to the point of the result, the originality will be exposed.

Anavar usage:

This real prescription drug was introduced to increase muscle mass, toning the muscles in muscle wasting diseases such as AIDS, anemia, and hepatitis. Anavar has the great potent to increase bone density and promote tissue growth after major surgeries. It also aids in curing chronic infections. Around the world, athletes are happy about using Anavar to enhance their strength, endurance. Oxandrolone Anavar affects metabolism, creates a rapid loss of body fat. As testosterone, it increases muscle mass without water retention. The fake Anavar always proves its originality by showing least effects.

Where to find real Anavar?

When shopping Anavar users will find two types, one is from underground labs and another is pharmaceutical grade. Mostly in non-American countries fake & illegal Anavar pills are manufactured. Even there is a heavy demand in the market for counterfeit Anavar. If your question is “where to find original Anavar” then it is recommended to research the market availability of the drug. The users may join in bodybuilding discussion forums, weight lifting message boards to find out the options for buying real Anavar pills. It can only be found through careful research via various sources. If the user fails to trace out the original source of Anavar, then he/she can obtain a prescription from a physician which would help out to buy the pure Anavar pills.

Try to read Anavar reviews which would be posted in forums as they may give the users an idea about the product effectiveness. Testimonials and reviews help to portrait the reputation of a company among buyers. Before buying the product, try to read the website’s disclaimer, privacy policy to avoid misunderstandings. Some retailers announce “buy one get one free” offers which do not mean that the product is a fake. However, double care should be taken in such traits to overcome the agony. At a point of time, the users can easily trace out the signs of fake Anavar pills by monitoring their results carefully.