Testosterone is mainly considered as a male sex hormone and is produced in male testes which are one of the important glands of endocrine system. The male testicles normally produce sufficient amount of it offering men with their secondary male sex characteristics.

However, it is even produced in small amounts in female by the ovaries. In the following sections, we will talk about Testosterone levels in women and how its enhanced levels can affect them. Let us get started!

What are the normal Testosterone levels in women?

Testosterone in women is normally referred to as androgen hormone. They create low levels of this hormone and are normally more sensitive to the androgens than a man would ever be. The levels of it in the females will likely depend on overall health status, age, lifestyle, and other such factors.

According to one study, the normal level of testosterone in females ranges around 15-70 ng per deciliter. While these hormonal injections are used to treat females, they must do so only under doctor’s oversight and knowledge.

Role of Testosterone in Women

  • Maintains sex drive

After menopause, some of the women experiences dip in their sex drive. It can be a result of low testosterone levels in their body. So testosterone replacement therapy combined with nutritious diet intake can help them improve their sex life.

  • Preserves cognitive health

Some of the changes in cognitive fatigue and cognition can be related to fluctuating hormone levels. So, correcting the levels of testosterone can help the females prevent cognitive fatigue.

  • Healthy bones

Proper balance of testosterone supports growth as well as strength of the healthy bones. Testosterone replacement therapy after menopause can help women to maintain their healthy bones.

High testosterone in women

The woman that goes through hormonal replacement therapy or the ones that uses hormone lotions, gels, creams, injections or any other products without monitoring her condition with the doctor, she may have to face undesirable effects from it.

In some of the cases, the doctor may even recommend testosterone compound formula which is an individually designed or customized medication that is made for the females exclusively based on some situations or conditions. Methyltestosterone is one such hormone product that is prescribed to the menopausal women to improve their sexual response and desire.

It is always the best idea to talk to your doctor before starting any cycle or therapy. They will offer you the best piece of advice according to your personal goals.