It is an established fact that you need to eat less if you are looking to lose weight. Not many people are able to do so because just the thought of a smaller portion size makes them feel uncomfortable and hungry. For such people, a 1,200 calorie diet plan is ideal as it helps in prompting weight loss in an average person who needs about 1,600 – 2,400 calories a day to maintain their weight. Why 1,200 calories, you ask? This is because it is a healthy limit for losing weight without having to compromise on your overall health and muscle mass.

Making a 1,200 Calorie Meal Plan

It is never recommended to skip meals even if you are trying to lose weight. This will lead to an increased hunger that will make you eat more than you originally should have. Instead, spread up the 1,200 calories you want to consume over the complete day. You can divide these 1,200 calories as per your liking, but make sure everything you eat is healthy.

Add to your meal plans a cup of vegetables, about 1-3 ounces of proteins and also around 1-3 ounces of whole grains. This will help prevent any loss in blood sugar or reducing your muscle mass. Instead, you will feel fuller for longer which will prevent any extra calorie intake. It is also important to include fruits, dairy products and unsaturated fats to your diet to help with nutrient absorption and satiety. Avoid foods like soft drinks, alcohol, sugary sweets etc.


Having a healthy breakfast is necessary to start your day on a healthy note. You need to take whole-grains, fibres, vegetables and fruits, as well as proteins form a lean source. You can go for a scrambled egg white with some cherry tomatoes on top of a whole grain toast and gulp it down with a glass of orange juice. This is just a sample of how you can mix and match food to get the required amount of nutrition and calories.


Add vegetables to your lunch that are rich in fibre. You can take them in the form of fresh salads. Also add some amount of protein to your lunch such as a piece of grilled chicken, canned tuna etc. The salad can be dressed with olive oil and lemon juice and you are good to go. You can also add some fruits to the lunch to make you feel refreshed.


Ideally, your dinner should be around 400 calories. Thus, even if you are eating out, keep a look out on the calories. You can opt for a side of grilled protein keeping salad as the main dish. Do not indulge in eating any fried stuff, too much cheese or any heavily sauced entrées.

With a little care, you can control your weight and get back on the road to being healthy. Need more help with your 1,200 calorie meal plan, get in touch with the experts at Sports Healthy Meals.