An article in the Sydney Morning Herald showed that there is an increasing popularity of Labiaplasty in Australia. Based on the article, approximately 1,565 claims of medical rebates for Labiaplasty were made in 2010-2011, which is more than double the allegations made in 2000-2001.

That clearly shows more and more people realise the value of Labiaplasty. To get a better understanding of the Labiaplasty procedure, some misconceptions concerning it need to be looked at:

  1. Avoid getting this surgery just to achieve the same look that someone else has.

There are numerous reasons why an individual would want a reshaping of their female body parts. However, you first need to be well aware that every person has a unique look and shape. Therefore, the primary purpose of getting the procedure shouldn’t be to get someone else’s look. If you do feel embarrassed by your body image, especially when you wear tight-fitting clothes, the procedure can help you achieve a better look.

  1. Understand that reshaping won’t improve sexual sensation.

If you seek Labiaplasty with the intention of improving sexual sensation, you would be gravely mistaken. However, it is true that the operation may help you get rid of the embarrassment you may feel when exposing your body during intimacy. Having a good body image would go a long way in helping you enjoy those intimate moments.

  1. Labia reduction doesn’t harm sexual sensation.

Some people may wrongly assume that reshaping would improve sexual sensation, so also others would assume that reduction can reduce sensation. The fact is that sexual stimulation has nothing to do with size; hence, you wouldn’t lose any sensation by having it reduced. On the contrary, you might avoid pain and discomfort that generally occurs due to stretching in the case of lengthiness. This is a plus, rather than a negative.

  1. Ordinary vibrator stimulation won’t produce larger female body parts.

There are two important instances in which you may develop large feminine body parts. In the first instance, you may simply have a large body part right from birth; and in the second instance, it may develop due to a significant experience such as childbirth. Use of a vibrator isn’t significant enough to make you end up with such a situation.

  1. A Labiaplasty is not administered by your gynaecologist.

A gynaecologist might handle many aspects of your feminine health, but one that he/she would not handle is Labiaplasty. This cosmetic genital operation is beyond the medical qualification of such a professional; hence, it requires someone who has specialised training in Labiaplasty surgery in Sydney.

Cosmetic surgeons are well versed in numerous surgical operations, including Labiaplasty. The best ones have had numerous successful operations; hence, they would be the best option when you seek this kind of surgery.

  1. Even with the best cosmetic surgery you will still have some scarring.

Being a type of procedure that would involve some incision, this operation would always have scarring regardless of how well it’s carried out. Scarring is simply a normal healing process of the body. However, a highly qualified surgeon would ensure that such scarring is as minimal as possible and its visibility is reduced significantly.