If you’re currently suffering from hair loss and are considering treatment options, you will have several great surgical treatments to choose from.

Even though hair transplants are generally the most talked about option, there are other options that you can consider too.

Top surgical hair transplant options

Below is a list of the most popular and effective hair transplant options for both men and women.

Scalp reduction

Even though scalp reduction surgery isn’t used as often anymore, it is still an option. The reason why so many clinics have stopped offering this surgical procedure is that results don’t tend to look as natural as the other options, however, it does offer the speediest results. During this procedure, the bald patches will be removed and the rest of the scalp will be sewed back together. Even though this procedure will leave you with a full head of hair, you will also be left with a scar in the middle of your head.

Rotational flap surgery

Rotational flap surgery is also an older hair loss treatment that isn’t used very often anymore. During this procedure, tissues at the back of the head are rotated to place areas that still contain hair at the front of the head. The reason for doing it this way is because the back of the head generally has more hair follicles. The one major negative of this surgical option is that your hair will grow in a backward direction and if you continue to experience hair loss, you will be left with bald patches in the middle of your head followed by thicker hair towards the back.  

Hair transplants

During a hair transplant procedure, grafts are removed from the back of the head and placed in the areas where hair loss has occurred. There are two different graft removal methods that can be used:

  • FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction is the process of removing grafts by cutting around the area.
  • FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation is the process of removing an entire strip from the scalp after which the grafts are separated.

Hair implants doctor in Melbourne, Dr Paul Spano, will generally use the FUT method for large bald patches and the FUE method for smaller areas.

Tissue expansion

This particular surgical option is only used in cases when someone has lost hair due to injury or burns and there is no other possible way to grow the hair back. Tissue expanders are placed under the skin and the area is then inflated with saline water over several weeks. This process stretches the skin and maximises hair growth. The bags are later removed once hair growth has been achieved.

Hair cloning

This revolutionary hair loss treatment, which is also known as hair multiplication, is fairly new and still requires further research and testing before it can be used on human hair. Basically, existing hair follicles are multiplied or cloned in a lab and injected into the balding areas.

Whichever hair transplant option you decide on, remember to go with a reputable medical professional if you want to achieve exceptional results.